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Recruiter Call To Action

As most of those running Talent Acquisition are working increasingly through automated systems, it's important that we do not forget that the candidate is still human. A little old-school recruiting wisdom will help you keep your candidates engaged in your processes. By Rod Lacey, Sunstone HR Consulting To Those Engaged In The Art of Talent Acquisition: I recently ran a search for a friend of mine who just launched a new company. As I moved candidates through the process, I kept them personally posted on the status of the search. As the list narrowed, each candidate received prompt updates. When the search was closed, all were notified. No candidate went more than about 4 business days without an update. As I communicated with the last few finalists who did not receive the position, I received the following unsolicited comments to my "regrets" communications: "Thank you for the update on this role with (company). I appreciate your excellent communication